Art Residency: designing and painting the facade of our project house

Who are we?

A non-for-profit organization focusing on permaculture and social commitments for land regeneration next to the Polish border, 150 kilometers from Berlin.

We grow our own produce (such as vegetables, mushrooms and fruits) and supply necessary trees, plants and flowers for non-human life to thrive. We also work with a herd of yaks and a flock of chickens in order to develop alternative landscapes from the industry forests and farmland. Thereby, we add valuable nutrients to the soils and transform long disregarded plots of land into ecological work places.

What can we offer?

If you are chosen to paint our project house, we will offer free accommodation, organically grown food, expeditions in the Lausitz region and over the border to Poland, kayak trips, et cetera. In the summer time we harvest delicious tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, grapes, berries and more. The chosen resident will receive 1000€ for their work.

What do we want?

We want you to redesign our facade in the style of socialist realism, for example as realized on the Haus des Lehrers, Berlin Alexanderplatz. We want to develop a narrative that is oriented on local connections and invokes questions on the role of labor in civilization through lenses of ideology and irony.

We ask that you submit a sketch from your past work or a new one specifically in this style or similar to qualify for residence.


Please submit all final sketches until the 1st of May, 2022

The facade of the house should be finished by the end of the summer, over visitation periods whenever you have time.

How to submit?

Please send your sketch to!

The pictures to the left show what the house currently looks like (top and middle) and a picture of Haus des Lehrers (below), as inspiration.